Monday, July 28, 2014

I Caught the Teachers Pay Teachers Bug!

I have consumed myself with the thought of having a TpT account...I know, I know- I am late to the bus! I have so many things I have made over the years and I am constantly sharing with my peers, so I decided to share with ~gulp~ strangers! It surprises me how nervous this makes me now that I have made myself a seller; to think that others might actually want to buy some of my products brings out the perfectionist in me. Its the little things that kept me up last will I brand, how will I have a look that is my own, how will I know what I can and can't use for making my items (copyright scares me!), how can I save and eventually make money doing this?  I was up from 2-4am last night and my eyes look upside down they are so puffy. What I came up with is as follows:

  • I will focus on organization strategies and items to make teacher's lives easier.
  • I will try to make my own graphics and fonts over time, however will use what I already have and give credit (what if I don't know where I got the font? I am a font hoarder!)
  • Start slow and make it count!
  • Be unique and affordable!
  • Make one new item a week minimum!

I didn't realize how much it would take to get this show on the road. Banding design, Paypal account, getting blog started, faster ways of making fonts and graphics, researching what has been done so I don't accidentally plagiarize...Its exciting and a little distracting. My kids stand over me working on the computer they want to use for who knows how long. Speaking of- two are breathing down my neck as I type. Maybe its time to get another computer in the house?

Here she is...just empty at the moment... Look for items within the next week.